For the past 15 years I have been responsible for IT at two different small offices. At those offices I was responsible for setting up file, Active Directory and Exchange servers. I was responsible for maintaining both the hardware and the software side of the network. With trying to maintain the network I encountered specific problems and challenges. I have decided to start this blog to share the solutions that I have found to particular problems. Almost all solutions I found on various websites.

I don’t have an IT degree in any way, shape or form. What started out as a hobby in elementary school with writing small Basic programmes on the Commodore 64. Has expanded into maintaining websites, setting up various servers, learning basic PHP and running my own home network.

The solutions offered here might help other struggling IT managers. The solutions are provided as is. I cannot guarantee that they will work in your particular situation, however it might help you to get closer to a solution. As I am not a professional with regards to IT, I can try to help you along, but that would be in my spare-time. If you need instant solutions I would suggest a subscription to Experts Exchange, where they offer good solutions for most problems and with much more qualified personnel.

Enjoy the blog and perhaps it helps you along.